Algerian Spring : Who’s afraid of the Uncle Sam ?

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It is quite a paradox that the Algerian nation feels not only contempt, but a kind of unjustified animosity towards America. Have we grown to be a nation of ungrateful people who forgot whom our friends were? Do we repudiate the United States because of its good relation with Israel? But the main question that we need to ask today is: What was the contribution of America to the Algerian war of independence? And the answer falls like a sledgehammer over an egg:
without the United States, Algeria would have never been independent.
As simple as that, that’s the truth and the whole truth. The Algerian war of independence was won when America shifted its position towards the GPRA, the FLN’s provisional government. Although, the Algerians had no immigration or any kind of lobby in the United States, the GPRA was successful in gaining the American public opinion. Algerians did not have a single person who could express himself in English at that time. Nevertheless, they won the war of words and America discarded French arguments against the revolution and the rest belongs to history.

What happened then? We may ask today as the Algerian Spring is currently taking place. Why do Algerians demonstrate such disdain and offensive comments to the America’s friendly message of restraint? The message was addressed by Robert Paladino, the state Department spokesman towards the Algerian army to let the citizens of Algeria demonstrate peacefully and respect their aspirations. This is the message that prompted General Gaid Salah to think twice before letting the military out in the streets. He was against the protests in the first days and then, he suddenly embraced the will of the people after hearing the message. When the United States speak, the world listens and mainly the pseudo-Arab world to which Algeria has a membership card.

The Algerian people’s position reflects the hypocritical position of the Arab world towards America. We all know that the Arab countries are all in the pockets of the United States of America, but through their state controlled media, they encourage the population to loath both America and Americans. The Israel and Palestinian conflict is at the heart of this unexplained hatred from the Algerian people. Unless of course, you are an Algerian that knows that Palestine is more important than their motherland. Algeria has become in the recent years, the suburbs of Gazza. The Arab propaganda has contaminated Algeria and made it more Arab than the Arab countries themselves. Otherwise, there is not a single reason for Algerians to hate America; on the contrary, we owe our independence to the United States and their constitution should be an inspiration and a model to all those third-world countries that have a strong desire to become one day a nation.

Please remember! The master of your masters is a potential friend! Algeria should not be afraid of America like most Palestinians that live in the United States. They have a strong and successful immigration and most of them are: Proud American Citizens. America is not our enemy! Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the most dangerous nations to the well-being of our country. Wake-up now!

We thank America for helping our nation to gain independence and we say “God bless America!”

Hmimi O’Vrahem

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