The faces of hope

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They flock by the thousands and even by the millions to the streets of each city in Algeria. If the world has not seen Algeria taking part in the “Arab Spring” of 2011, it is simply because: Algeria is not Arab! Algeria is Algeria and they are all out to show it to the watchful eyes of the world. Millions of colourful faces have all but one make-up, the one of freedom. They are our children, our pride and our future. This is the rebirth of our country and every single one of its citizens feels the need to take part in it.

This is not only the time when Algeria finally discovers its true identity and possibilities, but throughout these protests; the Algerian people are also discovering a sense of unity: one people, one voice, one country. Without a shadow of doubt, the actuals demonstrations are even larger than the ones of Algeria’s independence in 1962. People have come together to end its humiliation and a country crippled by corruption and incompetence since Algeria left the arms of colonialism.

The message from Algerians to our neighbours, to Europe and the rest of the world: “Algeria will be free! Free from Islamic fundamentalists, from Military regimes and above all, free from dictatorship”. We aim to be a new country and we shall prevail through peaceful demonstrations, laughter and fraternity. We shall succeed and we can only succeed, because Algeria was a total failure from more than 57 years and the only way is up now.

Long live the people’s revolution and long live the “new” Algeria.

Hmimi O’Vrahem

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